Minnie Wild & Out

28 Mar

My WILD journey!

ImageI remember my 1st episode as if it was yesterday. Just thinking about this brings me to tears… I guess this week’s Grazia Magazine is right to title my little tribute to The Wild, MINNIE: Tears As The Wild Ends


I walked on set and the director announced my arrival like some old British royal movie. LOL


Connie Ferguson, who I now call “Ma” came up to me, YES ‘came up to me’ and welcomed me on set with the warmest hug. Telling that this day will mark the beginning of a life long relationship… and she was right. She is more than a fellow actor, my current producer – she has become my mother in so many ways. With Ma around – without me conveying to her or anyone – she knew instinctively when I was not in the right space and would quietly tell everyone “Mouse is not having a good day. Be gentle with her.”


I’ll never forget my instant connection with my big sis’ Lele (who insists on calling me “MANA”). We still have our laughs and to this day we crack up together over the silliest things. You see Lele, surprised me by asking me for my mother’s number and I gave it to her with no more thought of her request. That Sunday she gave me a call and said “hold on there’s someone who wants to speak to you.” It was my mother. I cried at that gesture because I had not been home in over a month and through our conversations she knew how much I missed my parents. Her selfless act to take time out of her schedule in Durban, to go and visit my parents was the best gift to me at that moment.

ImageOn that very first day, I met the beauty that is Gail Mabalane – I was, and still am in awe of this woman’s beauty. Beneath that beauty is a fun character who just laughs for days. Oh and she got me addicted to energy drinks. By midday we’d be on our second cans. Redbull made so much money out of us…

ImageKeenan Arrison… sigh… We met an within NO time you and I were in a pool, “naked” and making out. That was the scene that my dad was not too impressed with LOL. But he understands…I think.  Tumisho Masha, who came all the way to Durban for my surprise 22nd birthday – which he almost gave away by asking me about it…

ImageMam’ Clem – immediately turned me into a weekly customer for her famous bottled chakalaka. From Oom Ian I always got old tales – some were too outlandish – but I always enjoyed our talks. Josette… my friend, my homegirl… I’ll be with you stateside sooner than we both thought…

ImageThe threesome or lack there of with Aubrey and Zak was a lot funnier than it looked. We got on soooo well and Zak if you’re reading this we MUST have lunch next week. LOL

ImageCast and crew were the best people as a collective that I have worked with we were together all the time we became a proper family. They even gave me my nickname ‘Mouse’ which has followed me to the new production I’m shooting for Mzansi Magic, called Rockville.

ImageWell done to the Best Directing Team at this year’s SAFTA’s Johnny, Krijay, Alex and Gert I love you all and learnt so much as an actor from each of you.


The Wild showed the country I can act which is the biggest obsession of my life!!! I will always be grateful for Zintle, she was such a complex character with so many layers but most of all, possessed a great heart.

ImageTonight I bid Zintle farewell but my dearest memories will stay in my heart forever…

Wild and Out

ImageMiss Minnie


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