Minnie & Her Hair

10 Jun

Hey Guys,

Recently, I have been tip toeing around the  conversation of weave/extensions being just my own hair and a lot of sentiments have been expressed about the Motions Oil Sheen Spray advert, that I feature in, since I am the brand ambassador. So it got me thinking of my next blogging topic, Minnie & Her Hair. Firstly, the running ad, is about the spray – which is part of the Motions aftercare range. I use it on my weaves, and when I don’t have a weave on – I use it on my own natural hair. The spray is for natural (virgin) hair, relaxed hair and of course the weave. This is just the beginning phase of the campaign and as it develops you’ll get to see so much more of the range on offer. Oh and I do have very naturally beautiful, healthy hair underneath my weave.

I often hear ladies expressing their concern wearing weaves/extensions keeps you from “developing” a relationship with your hair or hiding what you were naturally born with. My take on this is that we all have our own ways of doing  things, and everyone’s hair has a different story. So at the end of the  day, I guess that we can’t assume someone has an issue just because they  decide to weave it up or they go natural! Personally, I wear weaves as a form of protective styling due to the amount of styling done to my hair for the television shows that I am on (The Wild and Mzansi Insider) and the various magazine & promo shoots that I go to. On a daily and weekly, my hair is exposed to heat through blow drying, straighteners & heat curlers. All this can lead to damage and breakage of my natural hair. In the, almost two years, that I have been in the industry, I’ve found that my natural hair simply grows faster when left alone, which is through the protective styles that I do. So yeah, its a way, that works for me to simply retain my precious length & keep it healthy looking.I call my weaves my hair because, whatever form I choose – its attached to my natural hair and is an enhancement and complements every inch of my glorious mane when I do get to show it off. Plus I pay for it therefore I own it (LOL)

At the end of the day, I am so much more than my hair. Whats inside of me is my identity. Just because the next person’s decided to go for dreadlocks doesn’t give me the right to assume I know what is going on, on the inside. Only God knows what the inside is like – because that’s what He deals with rather than the outside.

Love All Round ❤



7 Responses to “Minnie & Her Hair”

  1. amile1love 10/06/2012 at 6:59 PM #

    Minnie!!!! Well Said Sweetheart, I Was Recently Talking To My BF, About How People On Twitter Disrespect You, The Thing Is, We So Use To ”Celebrities” Having Pride (Not All) , That When SomeOne, Whose Willing To Step Down (You), People Take Advantage And They Feel They Can Say What Ever And Not Be Considerate That, You Not Just Pretty Barbies, You Actuali Human Beings And Have Feelings And Emotions… Wish This Could Be Displayed All Over The Mags… Soo Madly Inlove With You, And Thank You For Standing Up To This, Not Just For, But For Everyone (Ladies) Mostly, Who Always Have To Defend Their Cases Regarding Weaves #I Bought It! …Its Mine (Lols) …@Amile_N #Smiles

  2. mspuncu 11/06/2012 at 10:44 AM #

    Lord knows how much I love Minnie, I talk about u like I have met or know u personally, my friends even thinks am crazy lol. But one day I will meet u. I love u girl.

    • minniedlamini 12/06/2012 at 1:30 PM #

      One day… thanks for the love and I give it right back to you

  3. Tendayi 27/06/2012 at 5:03 PM #

    It’s a touchy subject Minnie! I concur though that weaves are simply a hairstyle. If your haircare is on point your hair will thrive no matter what the hairstyle.

  4. zanatrowa 28/06/2012 at 1:46 AM #

    You are someone I’ve idolized for the past two years n all I can say as a young person is that I am soo proud of you! You a huge inspiration in my life. You keep it real n don’t ever change you re beautiful with your weave n your bootylicious booty keep on writing em blogs I love them!

  5. lineo101 25/10/2012 at 5:37 PM #

    I’m 17 and I wear weaves.. Of course not nearLy as expensive as the ones you would wear, but it’s woven in! I compLetely agree with you. We live in a superficial society, so hairstyles have become an essential part of who we are, what we represent, etc. For me, it’s more about protection and versatility. Winter doesn’t play with a black girl’s hair though! I will never sideline the use of weaves/wigs. Ever. I love my natural hair. I do. Therefore I will give it a break so it can recouperate from a few weeks of continuous breakage and styling… I’m pro weaves, but would never make them my only option.
    Ps. I think you are beautiful! I don’t know you, but the gLimpses I’ve seen of you on tv show me that not all is lost in this nearly hopeless world… Much love

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