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Back To Basics – The Human Connection

25 Jun

Hey Guys,

My Fridays are mostly spent reading newspapers, magazines and surfing the net in preparation for the METRO FM EXPERIENCE CHART SHOW that I co-host, every Saturday (12-3pm). This past Friday I went about things differently. My focus in reading was not just on the latest buzz in the pop and celebrity culture. I read on general and political news. Yes guys, my brain does stretch that far…


We always view politicians as these distant people who, in my view, live separate lives to everyday men. Some people go as far as saying that “politicians should not mix with ordinary folk’. This got me thinking on the leaderships we vote into power. What do we look at and what are we presented with on a human level?


Joyce Banda – Malawian President

One of the things that grabbed me was Joyce Banda, whose story just pulled at my heartstrings. She was recently elected as President of Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. In true leadership style, she decided to downsize the government’s car fleet and wait for it… she SOLD her presidential JET. Unheard of right? This highlighted to me in practice, what “For the people. By the people” truly means. It was while reading this story that I remembered why I do what I do.

I am in this industry I love because I love my craft. Yes it comes with the fame and riches (sometimes). For relevance, we’re always on a mission to bag the next cover, massive endorsement deal and always looking at ways to set yourself apart from others in the industry. In this story I remembered, I tend to forget at times, that I do this to evoke an emotion. An emotion of excitement, healing and an escape for the people at home watching. Its selfless acts, such as Banda’s, that we need to experience and witness more often to get us back to the basics.


US President, Barrack Obama playing his favorite sport, basketball

In the same reading I was doing, I was struck by an article on US President Obama’s recent visit to one of their country’s top entertainment talk shows, The View. The US elections are coming up and Obama is seeking a second term in office. One of the things that have always got me interested in the US election campaign period is how politics tends to meet with entertainment. And I term this POLITAINMENT! Now imagine President Zuma having a sit down with Kuli Roberts on Headline and Phat Joe on Real Goboza – that would make for great television. Don’t you think?


President Jacob Zuma in full Zulu traditional gear and doing the traditional dance

Maybe we do need that kind of election process in Mzansi, as that might give us a lighter side to our candidates, that will better inform us on the type of leaders we elect into office – either than the stern statesmen-like view we’re only presented with. Maybe it’s due to this lack of POLITAINMENT that we’re in shock when Msholozi does his dance – because we’re never shown that side on an entertainment platform.

President Obama with the ladies from The View

What also got me on the Obama story was that on The View he had to take a quiz. One of the questions being; “which celeb was married for 72 days.” He answered correctly. “Kim Kardashian”. Then he was asked; “Which pop singer recently gave birth?” He didn’t know. The answer was. “Jessica Simpson”. LOL, George Bush might have known that!


Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian

So Obama knows who the Kardashians are but obviously not the Simpsons. In his defence he said; “I’m a basketball fan and I knew who Kris Humphries was married to.” Personally, I just think he’s a secret Kardashian fan!!!

This sparked a thought. With our separation of politics and entertainment – how much influence do we as entertainers, with our legions of following, have in the election process in our country? Would President Zuma have been able to respond when asked; “Which male pop star recently got married in Cape Town?” or does he know that Sophie Ndaba is getting divorced or Bonang and Euphonik are in court. Better yet, does he know about my rumored engagement to Bafana’s number 1 goalkeeper, Itumeleng Khune and my rumored pregnancy?

Wouldn’t his response to the above be interesting? What’s relevant enough for the president of a nation to be aware of or interested in?

Life is about human connections and we tend to lose sight of that along the way. Entertainment provides a platform for anyone, including politicians, to connect with people on an emotional level. Look, at every point we all lead; whether it’s at home, at school, on the sportsfield… you get my drift…

As people we just want to connect, in love, faith and compassion.


Peace & Love




The Booty (beauty) Of My Thickness

18 Jun

Ok look over the years I’ve always gotten a lot of flack for my body, basically being too curvy compared to my peers.

Back in my beauty pageant days, I was always the ‘thickest’ in my age group. I’ve never been over weight and even at my skinniest my body shape has never really changed. I had booty, thighs and an itty bitty tiny waist – the boobies came about a year or so ago.

I’m not for 1 second going to act like it never bothered me. It did! In swimwear fashions shows I used to do every holiday, I was always the most covered up. Pageant organizers constantly told me; “Minnie you need to loose weight.”

At school I was very athletic. I featured in about four different sports. So going on crash diets was not something I did. I just kept my body firm and ensured that it remained in proportion. Sports became my source of refuge. Somehow, I still got the modeling bookings and I won the pageants that I entered (Little Miss South Africa in 2002). For me this was more validation that I didn’t really have to crash diet – Ya, that’s how much I loved my food.

It wasn’t until 2003 when I saw Beyonce’s first solo video  ­- Crazy In Love – I saw a body on mainstream TV that resembled mine. Her body shape was seen as sexy, hot and healthy. It was then I found appreciation for the body I have.

When I got in into the entertainment industry, in 2010, everyone raved about how healthy and curvy my body was. People were saying I was a true depiction of the average SA woman. Here’s the thing about that period; I was only 19. There’s a stage in a woman’s life, when your body does “funny” things. You gain, you loose. Its truly where your body tries to find its proper shape and if you don’t do anything about it (like me) it does its own thing… Yeah I got big! But the difference this time was I enjoyed the weight gain! My boobs grew, my booty grew, I was just filling out in the right places and I loved it!  Then came the pressure to lose the weight.  People started comparing me to skinnier girls in the industry and  were being really ugly about it. But in the same breath, many women loved it and were feeling more and more confident in showing their skin. That, boosted my confidence – it made me feel really special. And of course the much welcomed male attention *wink*

The moral of my story though is I’ve never been naïve to the fact that I have “junk in my trunk” and in the last year, probably more so than I’ve ever had. My recent US trip, took my body image to another level. Not only are people in the States a lot bigger but what we, here at home what we glorify as thick and beautiful is actually much bigger than we think. At the MTV movie awards, model Amber Rose walked right past me and honey is THICKER than THICK! I mean really big – but nonetheless a true African beauty.

Over the years I’ve learnt to dress for my body shape. I dress to highlight my best assets. I make sure that whatever I’m wearing is form fitting – meaning that even if I’m not showing leg or cleavage – my body is shown off. Women should celebrate their bodies – as long you’re fit and healthy thin or thick! It’s the only one you have! Let’s start celebrating the diversity in our bodies and finding the beauty in what already exists!!!

Love All Round<3

Minnie & Her Hair

10 Jun

Hey Guys,

Recently, I have been tip toeing around the  conversation of weave/extensions being just my own hair and a lot of sentiments have been expressed about the Motions Oil Sheen Spray advert, that I feature in, since I am the brand ambassador. So it got me thinking of my next blogging topic, Minnie & Her Hair. Firstly, the running ad, is about the spray – which is part of the Motions aftercare range. I use it on my weaves, and when I don’t have a weave on – I use it on my own natural hair. The spray is for natural (virgin) hair, relaxed hair and of course the weave. This is just the beginning phase of the campaign and as it develops you’ll get to see so much more of the range on offer. Oh and I do have very naturally beautiful, healthy hair underneath my weave.

I often hear ladies expressing their concern wearing weaves/extensions keeps you from “developing” a relationship with your hair or hiding what you were naturally born with. My take on this is that we all have our own ways of doing  things, and everyone’s hair has a different story. So at the end of the  day, I guess that we can’t assume someone has an issue just because they  decide to weave it up or they go natural! Personally, I wear weaves as a form of protective styling due to the amount of styling done to my hair for the television shows that I am on (The Wild and Mzansi Insider) and the various magazine & promo shoots that I go to. On a daily and weekly, my hair is exposed to heat through blow drying, straighteners & heat curlers. All this can lead to damage and breakage of my natural hair. In the, almost two years, that I have been in the industry, I’ve found that my natural hair simply grows faster when left alone, which is through the protective styles that I do. So yeah, its a way, that works for me to simply retain my precious length & keep it healthy looking.I call my weaves my hair because, whatever form I choose – its attached to my natural hair and is an enhancement and complements every inch of my glorious mane when I do get to show it off. Plus I pay for it therefore I own it (LOL)

At the end of the day, I am so much more than my hair. Whats inside of me is my identity. Just because the next person’s decided to go for dreadlocks doesn’t give me the right to assume I know what is going on, on the inside. Only God knows what the inside is like – because that’s what He deals with rather than the outside.

Love All Round ❤


Me, My Hair & I

9 Jun

My US West Coast Trip

6 Jun

Hey Guys,

As promised here’s my account of my favourite moments on the Miller trip. Firstly, I gotta say; we live in a beautiful country with great people and great prospects. More than anything thats what this trip validated for me. BIG UP MZANSI, we proper got it good.

OK, now to the good stuff. We started off in LA, all excited to go to one of the hottest clubs in the city. And guess what?  I got sick!!! REALLY sick (I promise NO visuals). The doctor got called into my room, and it was a night in bed for me. The good news is that I got to watch some American television, which was a great learning experience. I picked up quiet a few things like; our ads are sooo much better, but the variety of television choices is beyond amazing. With the right formula, you can literally make anything a succesful TV show in America. Which really got me thinking…

The next day I woke up feeling fresh and ready to take off to San Francisco. What a beautiful city! Won’t say much, as the pix will tell the story. Oh and a girl got some mad shopping done!!!

VEGAS!!! As they say; “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” Well peeps, NOT with me. Here we stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Saying it was like Sun City on steriods is THE understatement of the century. Its just as beautiful.  Just MASSIVE. The rooms were big and gorgeous with amazing views of the city that never sleeps. Our pool deck was amazing, and everyone fabulously walks around in their bikinis & baggies. Everything you’ve ever seen, read or heard about Vegas, is…100% true x10. Its like new year’s eve everynight. We went to Tao night club, that owes its fame to the Kardashians. There were gorgeous girls, in skimpy lingerie, dancing all night on levels in cages. whilst the dance floor was packed to the rim with clubbers jamming to the hottest tunes. Thanx to Miller, we had the dopest VIP area, where the clutter never affected us.

We all couldn’t wait for the next morning as it was back to LA and brought us hours closer to the MTV Movie Awards. Russel Brand as host was hella funny. Seeing the simplicity of the stage and its dramatics being created by great lighting made me wish an SA production was there to witness. Side Note: the SAMAs were amazing, great stage, great production – not all our awards have that big a budget. This proved to me, that the same dramatics can be created on a smaller budget.

Seeing Amber Rose in real life, made me realize what a “thick” woman really is. This calls for a blog on its own…

Aight peeps. Check my pix for more deets ❤




Hey Guys,What a…

5 Jun

Hey Guys,

What a week it has been for me. The US West Coast was way too good. Right now I’m making my way home!!! YAYYYY!!!! We have an 11 hour stopover in London (so bleak – I’ve missed home. I’ve been missed at home). Enough about that – will give you a full round up of the MMTW experience- with pics and videos on Wednesday.

As you might know from my Facebook & Twitter posts; the Motions advert has been shot and it has already flighted – yesterday. The whole experience was exciting and I enjoyed myself, thanks to the Unilever team (Cathy & Sphe. And of course, Tony in absentia), the ad agency (Buchanana Group) tasked with creating an ad to fit my lifestyle and laboured in record time so that you guys get to see a quality final product. They ensured that I had the Penthouse Suite @ the Pepper Club as my home for the weekend and yes I felt like the A-Lister, that I’m not (LOL). This one should take us to the Loeries guys!!!

A special thanks goes out to my trusted – Beauty Amplifiers my makeup goddess Diana Maphapho & hair stylist with extraordinaire, Izak Letele, not forgetting Kevin who was just as instrumental in creating the hair looks. I’ve got to give a shout out to my Hair Doctor, Abdul from Shaina, who ensures that my natural tresses are well taken care of and maintain that ‘limitless. shine”. Thought I’d share the final product with you guys…

See you on the flipside SA *singing “honey I’m coming home. I’m on my way…”*






Behind the Scenes of Motions TVC

5 Jun

Behind the Scenes of Motions TVC

Swinging and moving with Motions